William Bay – Developer

Hey there! I’m William Bay. I’m from San Diego, a former professional photographer, Co-Host of the motorcycle/travel Youtube channel Tacos Y Motos.

And occasionally I write code.
This site shows off some of my work. Here’s my Github account.
If you want to throw money at me to build you something, or looking to hire a Senior Frontend Developer hit me up.

Custom WordPress Websites

I’ve been building custom WordPress websites since 2007.
No page builders here. I take custom designs and make performant custom code sites, with an emphasis on interactivity and animation. Clients typically are Photographers, Artists, Museums, and NonProfit Organizations and NGOs.

Animated Logos, Banners, Etc

Transforming your website, logo, ad banners, and more with captivating interactivity and dynamic motion is the key to making your online presence truly shine.

Harnessing the power of the Greensock Animation library in combination with your SVG illustration and image assets, I have the expertise to create exceptionally smooth and engaging animations or tweens that will effortlessly distinguish you from the competition.

WordPress Plugins

One of my skills lies in crafting plugins, ranging from small single feature solutions made freely available on the WordPress plugin repo, to robust, tailor-made, and highly specialized creations.

I take pride in developing a variety of small, user-friendly plugins designed for the benefit of the wider online community. However, whatever your WordPress plugin requirements may be, I have the knowledge and experience to deliver outstanding solutions that elevate your website to new heights.