GSAP Animated Logos

Below you’ll find a number of animated logos I’ve created for various businesses. Taking a logo, and adding a tasteful amount of movement is a great way to elevate your site design with a small investment.

Hey Jonesy

Gary Jones (Hey Jonesy) is a film director and editor. His logo represents the three tracks in video editing software (1 video track + 2 audio tracks).

The animation concept was to take his logo and simulate the making of a “J-Cut”, a technique that video editors do to create a dynamic scene change.

Zion Wetsuits

Moving into the U.S. market, Australian independent wetsuit maker Zion Wetsuits contracted me to build their new U.S. website.

Their logo was unique and visually strong, but felt giving it a touch of movement would provide just a little extra eye candy for the site.

Impression Chefs

The Impression Chefs is a web agency in San Diego, and they were looking to add some interactivity and motion to their agency website and existing logo.

The logo design had dynamic Mid-Century Motorcourt design aesthetic, which dictated the animation I made. The Arrow shape is the major motion, followed by bringing in the minor elements.

WTS Events

WTS Events is a leading Event Production and Design company handling events for Apple, BMW, Porsche, and other Fortune 500 companies.

The logo was inspired by stage spotlights forming the W from WTS. I wanted the animation to feel like the initial sequence of turning on, and positioning the lights.

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