• The Frustrating State of the Word

    I’ve been having lots of thoughts of the WordPress leadership, community, development process and the resulting product lately.My outlook isn’t particularly great… Leadership: I think many in the WP community view Matt Mullenweg as our version of Steve Jobs. The quiet genius that dictates every granular detail of the the product to create the most… Read More

  • Copyright Footer Plugin Update

    Added Date Range After releasing the Copyright Footer plugin, a user on Twitter, @HeadsUpWP suggested changing the Copyright date from just the current year, to a range of dates. This is intended to cover all content from the beginning to current. Nailing the Current Year for the range was not a problem. But I had… Read More

  • Creating a Full Site Editing Footer with Auto Updating Copyright Year

    I’ve not fully explored all there is in the Full Site Editing (FSE) experience that WordPress has released over the past two or three versions. But one thing that I noticed right away was the default footer template was the Copyright date was just manually editable text, and not automatically updated each year. I felt… Read More