WordPress Plugins

Over the years, I’ve had needs that aren’t addressed by the core WordPress software. And when no one else thinks of them, this is an opportunity to build something exactly the way I want. Below you’ll find a few plugins I’ve built. These are all available for free on the WordPress plugin repo.

Multisite SuperList

The Multisite SuperList was born out of my frustration with the MySites list on Multisite installations of WordPress (which I use a lot).

  • Increases the number of sites accessible from 30ish to all sites in the network.
  • Adds the ability to scroll through all sites.
  • Eliminates the flyout menu, flattening the menu and making it easier to navigate into the submenu items.
Displaying the Multisite SuperList menu replacing the My Sites list in WordPress. Making it easier to navigate large Multisite Networks.

Copyright Footer Block

I built the Copyright Footer Block for the new Full Site Editing themes that have static footers that don’t automatically update the Copyright Year at the start of each year. It has additional options for adding links, and site credit text.

Because most block development is Javascript rendered into content, I had to find a way to ensure the date updated at specific times. I wrote a blog post discussing how I wrote the plugin: Creating a Full Site Editing Footer with Auto Updating Copyright Year